What is Sparqoverse?

Developed the Krypton OP to connect hybrid marketplaces.

In solving problems in data management, traditional avenues will need to be disrupted, which means an alternative connection will be born. Unlike legacy systems that run through multiple institutions, the Krypton OP streamline the process to lower transaction cost and maximize efficiency.

The ArqoX wallet that manages your linked applications.

A web wallet that’s more than just sending and receiving, the ArqoX acts as the gateway for DApps and the QRON payment network. The wallet developed was built to adopt scalable solutions in a decentralized world.    

DApps library. Create, connect, and launch.

The SPV Launchpad, where applications are created and published, is the business center of Sparqoverse. In this development space, in-house ideas and member projects are built and distributed to connected people using the platform.

The Qron treasury network, designed for simplicity.

Leverage the digital coin backed by global reserve currencies. Through ArqoX, convert fiat money and acceptable cryptocurrencies to QRON. Now, all the world’s hybrid marketplaces can work together in a circulated network.  

Imagine an alternative reality powered by Sparqoverse. For everyone. Wherever you're located.