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Help our grassroots movement to build Sparqoverse and launch the Qron currency in April 2023. We seek your support by converting fiat currencies to Qron to back the platform’s treasury reserve. In a fully supported treasury reserve, the Qron provides spending value, stability, and marketplace adaptability, whether used for personal or business transactions. Our goal is to reach $1,000,000 in reserve to launch the stablecoin with as many users as we can signup to the platform. 

Please fill out and submit the Exchange Form below. You’ll receive an email receipt when the submitted form has a validation number. 


Easter 2023

The Qron Launch

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1 USD = 1 QRN

(Numbers updated every 24 Hours)

Qron by the Numbers

People Connected
$ 25000
Treasury Reserve
85000 QRN
Towards Circulation

Exchange Form

How does Qron works? Click here

Asked Questions?

A treasury reserve is where converted assets such as fiat currencies are stored (via bank deposits) and recorded. In other words, it’s the accounting vault of monetary circulation. The Treasury functions as a guardrail that the Qron in circulation is supported by (1 USD :1 QRN) government-backed currencies when withdrawn out of the platform.

The accepted fiat currencies exchanged for a Qron are held in financial institutions located in regions where Sparqoverse is connected.  

After you’ve converted your fiat currency, the Qron equivalent value will be in your ArqoX wallet balance.

First, the ArqoX is Sparqoverse’s digital wallet which can be linked to other applications on the platform. This wallet is how you pay for goods and services connected to Sparqoverse or receive payment from other users.

The ArqoX app will be available to download in the Fall of 2022. It will be available in iOS and Android.

Visit ArqoX site for more details.

We’re targeting April 2023 as the official launch of the ArqoX wallet and Qron currency to a wider audience.

However, the soft launch will be in Fall of 2022 where people who committed to back the Qron campaign will be the first users of the application to test and feedback gathering.

Once you send the exchange form, a team member will review and issue a validation number. Then, you’ll receive an email with options on how to convert via the payment methods available.

Method Available: Credit/Debit Card and bank transfer.

Your currency is pegged to the U.S. Dollar so the value of Qron you get credit will be the foreign exchange value of your currency against the U.S. Dollar.

Example (Euro to Qron): 100 Euro = $103.79 USD = 103.79 QRN

Note: You don’t have to manually convert your currency to U.S. Dollar, then convert to Qron. ArqoX will automatically convert your local currency to Qron based on the foreign exchange value to the U.S. Dollar. The automatic conversion is based on your country of residence.  

For more information about the ArqoX Wallet and the Qron currency, please visit here.

Have a specific question? Please email us and a treasury team member will be in touch.